Strengthening Families Program can help families learn to manage emotions, set goals, avoid peer pressure, make better decisions, and create better relationships.

Families learn how to show love while setting limits, how to listen to your child, and how to help family members show appreciation to each other. Sessions are highly interactive, and free dinner is provided.

All families have strengths.

Our Winter 2023 program begins January 20th and ends March 3rd, 2023. Families will meet Friday nights 6-8pm. These classes are delivered in Spanish.

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Poor family management leads to low refusal/resistance skills. Questions asked regarding this chart include:

  • My parents ask if I have gotten my homework done?
  • Would your parents know if you did not come home on time?
  • The rules in my family are clear?
  • The rules are clear about alcohol and drug use?
  • If you skipped school, would you be caught?
  • When I am not home my parents know where I am and who I am with?
  • If you drank some beer without permission, would you be caught?
  • If you carried a handgun without permission, would you be caught?